University Libraries

University Libraries are the literal and proverbial crossroads of knowledge at UNCG — the foundation for all teaching, learning, and research. We offer students, faculty, and community members a wide range of resources, expertise, and technology, along with an unwavering commitment to keeping pace with change. Every day, year in and year out, the University Libraries enrich scholarship and learning and foster success through our inclusive and diverse collections, expert instruction, and professional leadership.

Through Light the Way, you can further University Libraries’ work of championing UNCG’s academic mission and transforming lives through our dedication to student success. Your generosity will promote student success, advance research, develop unique resources, revitalize facilities, and advance our leadership in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Libraries today are hubs of innovation and community building. University Libraries’ makerspace, Digital Media Commons, videography lab, virtual reality lab, and gaming lab — as well as our successful open journal system and open educational resources — are evidence that we are a vital part of the social, entrepreneurial, and educational fabric of UNCG.

University Libraries Funding Priorities

Promoting Student Success

The University Libraries’ commitment to student success requires continual investment. We must increase accessible collections and technology as well as expand the virtual and human resources needed for learning in all disciplines — from STEM to the humanities. We also must ensure that our collections stay up-to-date and relevant with the University’s new certificate programs and degree offerings.

Your support of this priority will heighten these efforts. Your generosity will enhance instructional technology, information and digital literacy, and targeted programming to enhance the academic success of transfer, adult, and international students. Ultimately, you will help us prepare students for citizenship in a democratic society.

Man with tech equipment
People with library resources

Developing Unique Resources

As part of a state institution, the University Libraries must make accessible resources that are of interest to our campus and community. This is evident through our special collections, such as the Triad Black Lives Matter Protest Collection, the Betty H. Carter Women Veterans Historical Project, and the People Not Property Collection. Through the campaign, we seek to vitalize these unique resources by increasing access, filling gaps in content, and drawing scholars from across the country.

Your generosity will allow us to strengthen our digital and physical collections through cutting-edge equipment, software, and funded student positions.

Advancing Our Leadership in DEI

For more than two decades, the University Libraries have been a leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion in academic libraries, receiving numerous national and regional accolades. We take this commitment seriously: Each year, the University Libraries sponsor a full calendar of DEI programming and engagement opportunities, support an inclusive campus climate, and promote diversity in our collection and curriculum offerings.

Your support of this priority will reinforce the University Libraries as the place for everyone. Your investment in our programming, collection, and staff training will advance our role and preserve our national leadership in ensuring that our campus is safe, just, and productive for all.

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Library exterior

Investing in Facilities

The time has come for strategic renovation and expansion of the Walter Clinton Jackson Library. The reinvigorated Jackson Library will serve as a site for enhanced learning and collaboration for students, faculty, and the surrounding community. New facilities will support campus initiatives and events, including conferences, campus tours, and community outreach. The renovated Jackson Library will feature spacious and modern common areas in which to study, relax, and even enjoy a snack or coffee.

In addition to updating the building itself, private philanthropy can make a difference in interior enhancement, such as technology-enhanced group study rooms, state-of-the-art wireless displays, and presentation technology.


students, faculty, and community members use the resources of the University Libraries annually


face-to-face, phone, and virtual consultations annually


physical items in the collection, with an additional 1.5M ebooks

Information is power. Your generosity to UNCG through the campaign will help level the playing field.