Champion Resiliency

WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO MEET THE EVOLVING NEEDS OF OUR STUDENTS AND OUR REGION? The answer will likely be different in 10 years than it is today. Through the campaign, we will build an endowed fund that will give us flexibility to respond to current challenges as well as those that present themselves in the future.

Your generosity will launch new ideas, create innovative programs, and address pressing needs as identified in our strategic plan, Taking Giant Steps: transforming students to help them become successful in life and in work; transforming knowledge through research; and transforming the region through partnerships that promote economic, social, and cultural development.


hours of community service performed each year by students


Division I sports


living alumni – 94,000 of them in North Carolina

It’s important to be inclusive for all of us. People need to be able to be themselves and be valued.

— María Perdomo

María Perdomo ’15, MA ’18

“I’m a program manager for a social justice organization focused on fighting biases and promoting understanding between people of different races and cultures. I work with our high school ambassadors, supporting them in having difficult conversations. It’s amazing to watch them take an active role in the community and become immensely strong leaders.”

“Thanks to support from UNCG, I was able to study abroad twice — once as an undergraduate and then for my master’s. I learned so much: independence, communication skills, self-exploration, and leadership. Those experiences have shaped me into the person I am today.”

Help us fulfill our most lofty aspirations – one student, one program, one big idea at a time.