Light The Way

The campaign for earned achievement at UNC Greensboro

UNC Greensboro welcomes learners with promise and drive – and opens the door, opens their minds, and helps them achieve more than they thought possible. Students thrive here, at this University of history and substance, of world-changing research and scholarship.

Together, we will light the fuse and light the way for UNCG by raising $200 million to strengthen student access, academic excellence, and the tremendous impact of our programs. Forward and up are the directions of choice, and right now is the time.

Campaign Progress

Light the Way will propel us to a future brilliant with possibility by raising $200 million to strengthen three key areas. Thanks to supporters like you, we’re already making great strides. Here are where things stand.


Goal: $200M

Progress By Campaign Ambition

ACCESS / Giving every promising student a chance

/ $100M

EXCELLENCE / Attracting and retaining the best faculty

/ $40M

IMPACT / Investing in research, programs, and opportunity

/ $60M

Ignite Your Passion

What matters most to you — and where will your campaign gift do the most good? Explore the possibilities through the priorities of the University’s colleges, schools, and units, and choose how you will Light the Way.

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Fuel the Future

Your commitment to light the way will bolster UNC Greensboro for what’s ahead. Your vision, your generosity, and your belief will help us take giant steps to ensure we remain at the forefront of adaptive, innovative higher education.